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Throw Me Something Mister…it’s the Christmas Parade in Hammond, LA

Here in south Louisiana every occasion is an opportunity for a parade. This afternoon the city of Hammond had it’s annual Christmas parade. I didn’t go because I was too wrapped up in the Florida/Bama football game. To protect myself I won’t say who I was yelling for. 😉

“Throw me something Mister” is the battle cry at any parade. I think the best parades are in smaller towns because I believe people are more generous and I also think they’re more geared for children. When Chris was little, Don built a seat on top of a ladder for Chris to sit in so he wouldn’t get trampled in the crowds at the New Orleans area parades. It had a hook on the side of the seat to hold a 5 gallon bucket that we put his catches in. You had to do that to keep grown people from stealing the child’s goodies! There was almost a throw-down one year when Don caught a man reaching up into the bucket to steal stuff out of it! Thank goodness the man backed off but after that Don would stand behind the ladder to keep people from knocking the ladder down and to be able to keep an eye on the bucket. Hey, this is serious business down here. Lol.

Just about anything you can think of can be used as a throw. The most well-known throws are strands of beads, doubloons, plastic cups, stuffed animals, and candy.   You really have to be careful about the candy, though.  It’s not unusual to get dinged in the head with some of those hard candies.  Other throws I can think of are silk flowers, frizbees, key chains and even undies. Now isn’t that every ones dream….to catch a pair of thongs. 😉

My sister Vanessa took DS, Chris with them to the parade and it sounded like they had a great time. Chris and Faith both came home with tons of stuff. Faith has one of those huge coloring books as her big prize. Vanessa got a neat lunch cooler thingie. Mother got a mini plunger….WHAT???? Lol. Chris had plastic cups, a cola can coozie or whatever you call that thing that is supposed to keep the drink cold….and candy….candy….candy. Of course they all had beads…nice sparkly ones.

Chris works in a program for handicapped clients known as Options in Hammond. One of the departments Options has for clients to work in is a bead department that recycles strands of beads for re-sell. They started a new tradition this year that I hope will become a popular one in the parade. Options had a float at the end of the parade that instead of throwing beads to parade go-ers….was asking people to throw beads back into their float for recycling! I think that is so neat. I can’t wait to hear how well it went.

Of course Chris gave beads back and I think Vanessa, Faith, and Mother did also. I wish I had asked Vanessa to take pictures of the parade so I could post them here for you to see. Monday night the little town of Albany has their Christmas parade and they traditionally have great throws and are very generous with them.  Granted these parades aren’t as polished as the ones in the New Orleans area but they’re extremely popular and are lots of fun.

Chris really wants to go and since I won’t be working Monday night, we’ll probably all go to the parade. If we do, I’ll take the camera so I can take pictures to show you.


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